We are deeply grateful to those who have given their support and assistance to the organization of the Congress:

From within Saint Louis University:

  • Office of the Provost (Michael Lewis)
  • Office of Mission and Identity (David Suwalsky, S.J.)
  • College of Arts and Sciences (Donna LaVoie, interim dean)
  • School of Law (William P. Johnson, dean)
  • University Libraries (David Cassens, dean)
  • Department of History (Thomas Finan, chair)
  • Department of Theological Studies (Daniel L. Smith, chair)
  • Department of Philosophy (C.P. “Scott” Ragland, chair)
  • Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Thomas F. Madden, director)
  • Catholic Studies Program (Matthew Baugh, S.J., director)
  • Vatican Film Library (Gregory A. Pass, director)
  • St. Francis Xavier (College) Church (Daniel P. White, S.J., pastor)

From outside Saint Louis University:

  • Iuris Canonici Medii Aevi Consociatio (Kathleen G. Cushing, president)
  • Stefan Kuttner Institute of Medieval Canon Law (Anders Winroth, director)
  • Archdiocese of St. Louis (Mitchell T. Rozanski, archbishop)
  • U.S. Central and Southern Province of the Society of Jesus (Thomas P. Greene, S.J., provincial)
  • Kenrick-Glennon Seminary (James Mason, president)